This year, Valentine's Day kinda came and went without much thought. There were no heart-shaped boxes filled with caramel filled chocolates. I didn't receive a dozen red roses or teddy bears with proclamations of, "I love you" stitched across their chests. Valentine's Day simply came and went and there was no real celebration in my home.

I am really OK with that.

Since bringing the little one into our lives, things have shifted dramatically. Of course, right?! But really, the mere idea of Valentine gifts seemed too unnecessary for me. I actually preferred and requested that we did not celebrate V-day in that traditional sense. So, aside getting the baby "Llama Llama, I Love You" a week ago, Valentine's gifts or special dinners did not happen. (btw - that book is adorable!)

We do not feel like we are missing out.  My husband gets flowers for me for no reason and always finds ways to shower me with reminders of his love. I enjoy cooking nice meals for him regularly. I even bake for him and send him to work with goodies to share with his co-workers. These things take place throughout the year!

Of course,when the baby is a bit older, we will partake in the usual Valentines activities. I am actually looking forward to that! For now, reading Llama Llama will do.

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