I think it is very important to start off saying that the choice of being a SAHM vs. a working mommy is something I consider to be very personal. Not every mother wants to or is able to stay home with their babies. Just the same, not every mother wants to or is able to work after their babies are born. One decision is not necessarily better than the other. 

Each family and their needs are unique. The decision is personal.

No matter what your work status is - as long as you do your best by your child - you rock.

Life before motherhood revolved around my not-so-9-to-5. My career was incredibly important and many sacrifices were made to get to my position. With no college education early on (that would come later), I had to work exceptionally hard to prove myself and position myself for advancements. Before baby, I was an AVP for a financial group. My expertise was in Information Security/COBIT/ITSM/ITIL. For the most part, I developed Disaster Recovery Plans/Scenarios. I also wrote policy and ensured that my organization was working in compliance to meet regulations at a Federal level. At least on the surface, my job was pretty darn important.

The idea of being a stay at home mommy was one that appealed to me from the beginning. I could not stomach someone else watching over my angel while I worked - especially when my hours could be unpredictable. Perhaps, it is because I am too controlling (have I mentioned that I am a control freak?!) or maybe too paranoid - whatever the reason, the mere idea sent me into panic mode. Thankfully, my husband was prepared for me to leave the workforce and never discounted the importance of the work and benefit that went along with being a SAHM. He even preferred that I stay home. For this, I feel incredibly blessed because I know that this option is not available to so many parents who want it.

Never could I imagine what this new life would be like. As a new SAHM, I find my days to be even more demanding than before and much more stressful than before.  However, I realize the importance of what I do in a day is not diminished, rather is so much more meaningful. It is so rewarding. I do not miss the corporate world (most of the time) and my views of SAHMs has changed so dramatically. Honestly, I never knew how much was involved. How could I? This is my first rodeo! I have even more respect for all mommies now and especially those with multiple children or special needs children.

I am loving this new journey that I am on and even though my little one is just nine months old, I feel like we've already accomplished so much together. Yet, we've got so much to learn and I am excited for that, too!

Of all the promotions that have I received, motherhood has been by far the most rewarding.


  1. Your current boss might be more demanding than most of your previous bosses, but (a) the rewards will last a lifetime and (b) she's way more cuddly!

    1. Good point. She is much more cuddly. My last boss wasn't keen on cuddle time. I don't get what the issue was...

  2. I can completely relate to this! Like you I never realised how tough it would be. A year down the line I've started thinking about looking for another job but we shall see!!

    1. Yes! I am hoping I can land some freelance writing gigs. I don't want to leave the baby but I'd still like to use my brain a bit more. ;)


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