Discover Me Challenge: 1 - Teachers Who Inspire

Welcome to the very first Discover Me Challenge!

In the spirit of Back to School, I thought it would be fitting to kick off the DMC with something school related - Teachers Who Inspire!

No matter what our experiences may have been in school, I am willing to bet that every single person has had at least one teacher who has inspired them. These special teachers may have pushed us to work harder, believe ourselves more, gave us the nod that allowed us to just be us, or gave us someone to look up to when there was no one else. Whatever the reason, I am sure we all have an teacher who inspired us. 

In this first challenge, lets call out those inspiring teachers. Who are they, what did they mean to you and how have they inspired you as an adult?

next prompt will be posted Sept. 15

I welcome anyone who would like to join in on the fun. 

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